Welcome to our relaunched website!

After several false starts and a considerable amount of internal debate and challenge, we’re finally unveiling our new website.  In addition to having a place to find out what we are doing (events, sales, rants), you can now look at our inventory (and beyond). You can order books online, for in-store pickup or to be shipped to you. You can order at any time of day or night, whether or not the store is open. We have no illusions that we will displace any other entity from which you might already conduct online business, but we do hope you’ll think of us when the e-commerce bug bites you. We will provide the same quality, friendly, knowledgeable service you receive in the store.

Please check it out. Please write or call or stop in with questions and/or concerns. Though you can now reach us through this website, we most appreciate personal contact.  We want the site to enhance our relationship, to provide you with another way of shopping with us and supporting the store, but we also love seeing you and talking with you, and we don’t want this new convenience to inhibit or constrain us. There is no replacing the experience of discovery of books in a physical bookstore, and no way to replace the conversations that take place in the aisles and at the counter among browsing customers and booksellers.

We especially welcome former Talking Leaves members and Buffalonians who have long been after us to provide them with a way to (re)connect online. Though we hope you've been supporting your local independent store wherever you now live, and that you'll continue to do so, we'll be here if you need us, for a fix of some local authors or titles not readily available elsewhere, and/or for some ideas about what's going on in Buffalo and Western New York. Our tastes, and thus our selections, remain independent and idiosyncratic; we're sure you'll find things here that are not easily found elsewhere.

We fully expect there will be some glitches as we learn how to operate this new system effectively and efficiently. Please bear with us as we work out the inevitable kinks, and let us know what you think, what you like and what you don’t.  We’ll do our best to make this as smooth as possible.