Special Orders


We are happy to special order any book not currently in our stock. In most instances we can obtain the book you want in a timely fashion. If a title is not available from one of our quick suppliers, from whom we order several times a week, and who usually take 1-5 days to fill our orders, we will order directly from the publisher. Turnaround time on publisher orders is less predictable, as are prices and shipping or handling fees. We will do our best to quote you an accurate price and delivery window but are unable to guarantee either.

Membership discounts generally apply to special ordered books, but not always. Customer discount is contingent on the terms of sale from our suppliers; we do our best to let you know in advance if the book you want will not receive a member discount.

We don’t have a special fee for special orders, but we will pass on the additional shipping charges we incur from single copy orders from many of our suppliers. Again, we will do our best to let you know ahead of time if your order will necessitate a postage or shipping fee. Typically, these can range from about $2.50 to $10, and occasionally more.

You may not be able to order some books in our online catalog—the website will direct you to contact the store directly. This does not mean that we can’t get the book, but simply that we can’t get it at favorable terms of sale from the supplier.  We will respond to your request with more information once we have it in hand, as above.

We sometimes require a deposit for special orders. Determining factors for a deposit of at least half the anticipated price of the book can be the price, the source, self vs. traditional publication, supplier’s terms of sale, or other contingencies. Deposits are not refundable except when we are unable to acquire the special ordered book.