Donation Requests

We donate regularly to local causes dear to us and our customers, typically around issues of literacy, education, the first amendment, press freedoms, and social and economic justice.  Like most local independent small businesses, Talking Leaves receives multiple requests each month for donations, of books, gift cards, money, time, and more. It is impossible for us to respond positively to every request.

We will try to respond promptly (one-two weeks, generally) to donation requests. If you’d like us to consider donating to your organization, please send a request to talkingleaveselmwood at gmail dot com with “donation request” in the subject line, or to the store via snail mail. Please include the following information—name of organization, tax id number, contact name, phone & email, and date and time of event.  Let us know the nature of the event, intended audience, program information, and how sponsors/donors will be acknowledged. Let us know if the person or organization making the request has a connection to the store—customer, member, neighbor, friend.

We will call or email the contact on the request when we’ve made a decision.