Local Author Consignment

Like most of our compatriots in independent bookselling, Talking Leaves…Books is willing to partner with self-published authors and non-traditional publishers to stock their books under a consignment agreement. We define traditional publishers as ones which, no matter size or type of books published, perform the conventional functions of publishing--acquiring the manuscript (paying the author), editing, designing, marketing, arranging distribution to bookstores, and so on. All others we consider to be non-traditional publishers.

With a consignment agreement, we pay for books after we sell them. We agree to place a limited quantity on our shelves for a specific period, generally 3 months. We pay 60% of the retail price to the author or publisher. If the book sells, we will usually consign an additional quantity. If it fails to sell, we will notify the consigner to pick up unsold copies. If the consigner fails to respond within 30 days, we will donate them, or give them away.

Talking Leaves requires anyone wishing to consign books with us to become a member of the store. Membership is $10 a year, and you receive 10% off books, calendars, boxed cards, and sundries. We are happy to support our local authors, and we ask that they support their local, independent bookstore as well.  We expect consigners to publicize that the book is available from us in whatever ways they choose to promote it--social media, traditional advertising, bulk mailings, etc. We expect them to encourage potential purchasers to support the local store that has agreed to stock their book(s). We are less likely to engage in a consignment relationship with those with no familiarity with the store and the selection of books we typically stock. We have actively supported the literary community of Buffalo and the surrounding area for well over 40 years. If you are from outside our area, please contact your local independent bookstore about their consignment program.

Generally, we will only carry books with a spine on which the title is printed. We prefer books with an ISBN, but do not require them. We will consider stapled, spiral bound, or books without a spine, but are less likely to agree to stock them. We reserve the right to decline entering into a consignment agreement for any reason. We reserve the right to decline books published by Amazon or its subsidiaries (Create Space, Book Search, etc.) or books that are non-returnable or offered at less than standard trade terms.

We are not responsible for consigned books that disappear while on consignment—ownership of the books belongs to the author or publisher while they are on our shelves.

We usually need a couple of weeks or more to make a decision about stocking a book.

We handle booksigning requests separately from decisions to stock a book on consignment.  

We select all the books we stock with great care. We are a small store with limited space and capital, and a strong sense of responsibility to our own vision and to our community.  Here is more on what we're talking about when we talk about consignment.

Once you have familiarized yourself with our policies, please email us at with a brief description of your book, including price. If we feel your book might be a good fit in our store, we will request that a sample copy be dropped off for review.