Endless Love Concerto 未了情协奏曲: 中英文对照 English and Chinese (Paperback)

Endless Love Concerto 未了情协奏曲: 中英文对照 English and Chinese By Margaret Hebe Zi Mi Cover Image


This is the Chinese and English edition for Chinese readers or English speakers who would like to practice reading in Chinese as well as English. Mysterious force to propel us to our destiny, and to meet the better versions of ourselves. I would use this book to teach my pre-teen daughters to learn the real Chinese time and culture in a modern ear, starting from their mother's generation, or grandmother's generation. They missed the traditional way of learning Chinese from the "Three Word Scripture", where the first page is "At the beginning of human, his true nature is kindness". They will have a short-cut of learning Chinese as quickly as ones can, about friendship, first love, childhood and hometown in our memories. In digital age and pandemic time, I want them to remember the green mountain and pristine river still in our memory. In this poetry collection, we called ourselves the "rebellious generation". We have a childhood with pristine river and vegetable patches, smoking villages, and the dogs barking, children playing "hide and seek" in the background, then a few wanted or unwanted love. We worked so hard and realized our dream of the "faraway land"----mostly the "Western dream", or "American dream"...Today in my back garden, I found my children are in a childhood of their own, a lockdown situation with their parents alone. We all have a childhood and hometown we dream to go back, and we cannot. We have friendship and first love to enrich our souls, or broke our hearts. I am privileged to be the parent I am. However, I know we are only as good as vessels for them to land onto this planet. Afterwards, they want to go out to play with their friends, create their future, meet their first love, and in a few of those beautiful encounters, their hearts might be broken and mended.

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ISBN: 9798630703996
Publisher: Independently Published
Publication Date: March 31st, 2020
Pages: 256
Language: English