Whore of New York: A Confession (Paperback)

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The face of sex work is so often queer and disabled! In a genre where you often get more information than you really wanted, Liara Roux crafts her story carefully, keeping you captivated the whole time, and leaving you wanting more.

— From Ron


Why would someone ever voluntarily become a sex worker? Liara Roux writes about the salacious details leading up to her decision to become a career sex worker, and the unexpected truths she learned while working in the industry.

Liara Roux is accustomed to being mislabelled and misunderstood.

As a child, Liara’s inquisitive, instinctive, and rebellious nature was frequently problematised in a world designed around the requirements of their neurotypical, cis, heterosexual male colleagues.  Coming of age in an oppressively restrictive home, they shuffled tarot and explored self portraiture to rationalise the injustice of chronic pain, toxic lovers, and the cruel silence of divinity. 

Critiquing capitalism’s mechanisms of exploitation, the conservatism of Western medicine, and the politics surrounding sex work, Whore of New York: Confessions of a Sinful Woman is a candid study of artistic awakening, and both spiritual and sexual growth after abuse, seen through the eyes of a proud outsider.

About the Author

Liara Roux is a sex worker and political organizer living in NYC. She writes a sexy semi-fictional comic and articles about sex worker's rights, produces and stars in porn, and is generally up to no good.

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ISBN: 9781913462567
ISBN-10: 1913462560
Publisher: Repeater
Publication Date: October 12th, 2021
Pages: 224
Language: English